Royston Evangelical Church

Royston Evangelical Church

Royston Evangelical Church

Welcome! We are Royston Evangelical Church.

We are an independent Bible-believing church in Royston, affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC). We have been meeting since 1980.

We are a group of about 45-50 people who live locally. Many of us are at different stages of the Christian life. Many of us are committed Christians, who have decided to trust in King Jesus and follow him. Some of us are exploring what that means. Others are at the start of the journey of finding out about Jesus.

Whatever stage you’re at, we’d love to help you.

We would love to meet you, and hope you’ll find a very warm welcome.

For latest updates on what's going on, you can check our facebook page.


Our leaders include our Pastor, Jonathan Scott, and three elders:

Jonathan ScottJonathan Scott – Pastor

Jonathan became the Pastor of Royston Evangelical Church in September 2013. He’s married to Jo and they were previously members of St Neot’s Evangelical Church. They have two young children. Jonathan is a qualified accountant and a keen model railway enthusiast.

Frank PearsonFrank Pearson - Elder

Frank has been at Royston Evangelical Church since 1997. He became an Elder in 2001. Frank is married to Margaret and they have four children. He is retired and grows Jerusalem artichokes in his vegetable patch.

Mark ScorerMark Scorer – Elder

Mark has been at Royston Evangelical Church since 1997. He became an Elder in the mid 2000s. Mark is married to Zillah and is a nurse at Lister hospital in Stevenage. He plays the violin, often in the music group on Sundays.

Jason SmithJason Smith – Elder

Jason has been at Royston Evangelical Church since 2012. He became an Elder in 2017. Jason is married to Trudi and they have two children. He is an IT consultant and has all the gadgets. He also enjoys tinkering with cars and DIY.


We are ‘evangelical’ Christians. The word ‘evangelical’ refers to people whose beliefs are formed and shaped by what the Bible teaches.

We believe that:

  • The Bible is God’s Word. What the Bible says, God says.
  • There is only one God and he is in charge of his world. He exists in 3 persons: God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
  • We have all rejected God’s rule by doing things our own way. We all rebel against him in lots of different ways. This attitude is what the Bible calls ‘sin’.
  • God will not let our rebellion carry on forever. His punishment is death and judgement.
  • Because of his great love, God sent his Son into the world: the man Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus always lived under God’s rule.
  • By dying in our place on the Cross, he took our punishment and brought forgiveness.
  • God raised Jesus to life again as the ruler of the world.
  • One day Jesus will return to judge the world and call each one of us to account.
  • Our sins can be forgiven through Jesus’ death and we can make a fresh start with God.
  • In this new life, God himself comes to live within us by his Spirit.
  • If we reject God as our ruler and try to run life our way, we will face the terrible prospect of an eternity of separation from him. This is what the Bible calls ‘hell’.
  • If we submit to Jesus as our ruler, and trust in his death and resurrection, we are forgiven by God and given eternal life. This life begins now and continues in the new creation.

We have a baptistry and perform Believer's baptism.

The church constitution is available on request.

Our stories

Here are some of our stories about how we became Christians:

Sandra Stokes

My name is Sandra Stokes. I’m married, have 3 grown-up children, a grandson, and am a part-time learning support assistant. This is how I became a Christian…

I was born in Royston and went to church every Sunday with my family. But it didn’t mean much to me and when my dad died suddenly aged 42 (when I was 17), I thought “How could God let that happen?” – and stopped going to church.

My sister became a Christian in her twenties and invited me to go to Royston Evangelical Church. She had to invite me many times before I agreed to go! But when I did, I felt that God was speaking personally to me. It was amazing! I realised I needed God’s forgiveness and I learned that Jesus died on the cross in my place – for what I’d done wrong. So, one night, I prayed and asked Jesus to come into my life. The next day I was filled with an inexpressible joy.

I still do and say things I shouldn’t. But I know that God forgives me and is working to change me. In the Bible, Jesus says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”. I would encourage you to do what the Bible says and “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

I would rather believe in an endless hope than a hopeless end! I don’t have all the answers to life’s questions - but I trust in God.